Doing Great Things For Wildlife And The Environment!
Create, Conserve, Protect Monarch & Wildlife Habitats
Benefiting Wildlife And The Environment since 1/1/2010


My Mission

The Mission of Monarch Wildlife Wayside Refuge ( MWWR ) is to work to replace the use of hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives and to preserve and protect native Wildlife and their habitats in Northern Wisconsin ,with hopes of inspiring excitement about preserving and protecting the wild lands and Wildlife across our area and the Environment ,including the Endangered Species Act (ESA) & All Endangered Species ,World Wide . I also Support Wolves World Wide and the Science of Wolves ...

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My Monarch Pond

Been here since 1/1/2010

I built this as a theme if you will for my Monarch Butterfly Habitat I don't have any plans of putting fish in it it's just for whatever wants s to live in it or use it 

My Joe Pye Weed 

One of many that I have. I also planted 120 more of these this past summer of 2017 around my place. The Butterflies HummingBirds and Bees are going to have a feast next summer  ;-) it will be pretty busy around here ....

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